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When is the RIGHT time to launch a business? Join Sam McLeod each week for a deep dive into the passion-to-profit mindset and methods it takes to build a wildly successful business from the ground up! 

Get exclusive access to the EXACT blueprint he used to build a B2B million dollar real estate empire- and unlock the keys to legacy wealth from industry titans! Ready to turn YOUR passion to profit? 

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About Sam

Sam founded Make Sh*t Happen off his success in Property Development selling over $1 Billion in his career, & building a substantial network of people around the world. Sam has been featured in more than 100 publications about his show and how it has impacted peoples lives. His vision is to utilize his network to help as many people as possible to achieve freedom in their life not just for themselves but also for their family.

Sam believes that in order to live a rich and fulfilling life you need to be affluent in three pillars to make that happen, health, wealth, relationships. If one of these three things is lacking it will show up in other areas of your life. He preaches his clients and followers to make success their daily duty, responsibility and obligation to rise above the outdated middle-class ways of life that are indoctrinated in you through the education system in order to have true freedom.

Sam offers a wide variety of tools to help you on your journey to leveling up your business and connections. Sam is currently putting together one of the largest networks in Australia for people who want to build serious wealth and networks that will greatly benefit not just your business but in all aspects of your life.

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MSH is more than just a podcast, it’s a community of like minded people who want to grow, learn, network and ultimately Make Sh*t Happen!

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What Industry
Leaders Have to Say


Leila Hormozi

Owner of www.acquisition.com generates $500m per year

If you want to level up your business Sam is the man!


Marty & Michael

Australia’s Biggest Pranksters with over 10 million followers

Sam is changing the game, he knows how to captivate his listeners and network with the biggest names in business.


Ian Jacobs

3 times world champion kick boxer with world record for fastest knockout (1.8secods), renowned public speaker

Sam’s podcast is on the money, the questions he asks and the high profile guests he has access to, fast tracks years of learning, this is his greatest gift!

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